The Container Customization Process

Making the choice to look at shipping containers as a solution is the first step toward a new and unique way of building and living in a new home, working in a new office, or making your creative container dreams come to life.

With bountiful customization options, permitting and planning, and land preparation all playing a factor in the development of a custom container project, we have put together a quick guide outlining what to expect from a custom container build.

Bob's Custom Container Process

A Detailed Breakdown to Help You Understand Where you are in the Process
Phase 1


Start by visualizing your ultimate container build, considering everything from the basic footprint of the unit to intricate details such as landscaping, interior finishes, layout, and more. Whether you are seeking a customized version of one of our standard home models, a backyard office, or have a specific design in mind, coming in with a clear vision of the project will expedite the process. If you are looking for a container home specifically, we have a variety of options available for you to browse. Our customers usually start with our container home gallery for inspiration. We can customize one of our standard models or put together the custom container home of your dreams if you have a design in mind you would like to bring to the table. We also have standard container vending applications, container officescontainer restrooms, and other commercial/industrial models for you to browse.

Phase 2

Here is where Bob’s comes into play.


Once you have established shipping containers as a possible solution and have a general sense of your goals with the build, you will connect with one of our expert Container Techs to discuss your ideas and vision. We’ll help you evaluate the feasibility of a container build, address potential challenges, and determine if this solution is right for you. Our team will also assess land suitability, delivery options, and any necessary permits for your build. Book a call with us to get started.

Phase 3


As we explore a custom container build as a potential solution together, you can start gathering resources regarding financing options. You can view all of Bob’s container financing options here. We offer the following as financing options:

  • Personal Loan Solutions – Low interest, shorter terms
  • Mortgage Solutions – Mortgage products (Traditional, FHA, and VA) available
  • Commercial Solutions – For business owners

Customers considering a custom container build are encouraged to apply for financing early in the process, as pre-approvals only require a soft credit pull without impacting your credit. Schedule a meeting with us to explore your financing options and find the best solution for your needs.

Phase 4

Permitting & Feasibility

Once you have firmly determined containers will be your form factor and have your financing sorted out, it is time to get into permitting. Permitting services are optional – unrestricted land areas can skip this step. If you don’t know what is required or there are complexities, start with a permitting feasibility study. It is very important that you let us talk to the city to start the conversation. Once you get a “no” from the city, it can be very hard to change their mind. If you reach out on your own, you run the risk of not being able to get your unit delivered due to permitting. In the end, if you know or think you might need help with permitting, let us take the time to understand the project as a whole and reach out to the permitting oversight folks ourselves. We know the way.

Phase 5


After determining the feasibility of your project, we will create a quote based on our discussions. We’ll review the quote together, ensuring every detail is accurate before converting it into an invoice. In the quoting phase, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the finer details as once the build starts it can be hard and costly to implement change orders on the build. Change orders also push out your delivery time because they extend the timeline of the build.

Phase 6


Upon completion of the permitting process and finalization of all build specifications, we will provide you with a detailed invoice outlining the costs associated with your custom container home project. The invoice will cover all agreed-upon aspects of the build, including design, materials, labor, and any additional features or services you’ve requested. To initiate the project and secure your place in our production schedule, a 50% deposit is required. This deposit allows us to allocate resources, order materials, and begin the process of bringing your vision to life.

Phase 7

The Build Phase

With your deposit in hand, we will add your build to our production line. Although lead and build times may fluctuate, we’ll keep you informed throughout the sales process. You will schedule a call with your project manager to confirm the build and floor plan. Once the lead time has passed, construction begins. This is where Bob’s Containers’ process outshines any competitor. Our concurrent project management approach allows you to prepare the land while we execute the build at our Headquarters in Austin, TX. Watch your dream container build come to life as our team transforms a shipping container into your perfect space and stay in the loop with updates from your build team with our project management application.

Phase 8

Site Prep

While we are constructing your container home, you will need to prepare your land for delivery and installation. Visit our blog on how to prepare the land to learn about what goes into preparing for the delivery of a container home. Also, consider the path to deliver the unit on the property and ensure the path is at least 10 feet wide to make delivery as easy as possible. Executing site prep and the build simultaneously leads to industry-leading build and delivery times. When compared to a traditional construction project, this process can take a fraction of the time. Start the process today by scheduling a meeting.

Phase 9


When your container build is complete, we will coordinate a delivery time that is convenient for you. Most of our containers are delivered via tilt truck, which is the easiest and most cost-effective option. However, we also offer a variety of other delivery methods to accommodate your location and specific needs. Bob’s Containers has you covered with delivery options such as:

  • Flatbeds
  • Tilt Beds
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts

It is very rare that we come across a project that we cannot make happen in some way, so if you have been considering the purchase of a custom container and think it could be a good fit, start with the feasibility study.

Phase 10

Connect Your Container to Utilities

Once your custom container is delivered and securely placed on your property, the next step (if applicable) is to connect it to essential utilities, including water, sewage, and electrical systems. Typically, a general contractor (GC) prepares the utility connections beforehand and returns to complete the connection process after the container is delivered.

Phase 11

Outfit Your New Container

Finally, it’s time to add your personal touch and truly make your new custom container your own. From selecting furniture and décor to optimizing the space with clever design hacks, you will have the freedom to create the perfect atmosphere for your lifestyle. For inspiration on how to maximize your space and enhance your container home’s interior, check out our blog post on making the most of your space in a custom container.