Bob’s Containers was founded with the intention of helping out our container community. Below you will find success stories and the causes we are passionate about.

Container Home Success Stories

"Multi Unit Build in Florida"

I worked with Nathan to figure out a multi unit container build here in Florida. I had all kinds of crazy ideas but he made the point that my container would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars which kind of defeats the purpose of trying to save money with a container... So I ended up with two 20 ft containers and one 40 ft container to give me more square footage and open space. We are adding a deck and a cover to the unit. Thanks Bob's!

Margarita B. - Yelp

"In-law Suite"

I worked with bob's containers on a custom home for my dad and they did an exceptionally great job. Beyond my wildest dreams, did not think what was just my dads dreams could turn into such a spot on reality. They are accommodating, responsive, and the highest value company I could find to meet my expectations. IT COULD NOT BE EASIER!!!!! Bobs containers, thank you! Be back soon to get one of my own - huge shout out to Nathan and Evan for helping, top notch.

Lauren K. - Yelp

"Backyard Guest House"

I bought a 20 ft container home and had it shipped up to North Carolina as a guest house in my backyard. My friends love it when they come to visit and it is a nice talking point while sitting around the fire. I included one of the in progress pictures that was sent from the build team and will update my review once I get the place cleaned up. There were some minor cosmetic issues from shipping (why I reviewed 4 stars), but it did come a long way and the fixes were pretty easy for my husband and I.

Rena H. - Yelp

Veteran Owned

Support Our Service Men & Women

Our service men and women are the lifeblood of our country and we are proud to be a veteran owned and operated establishment. We offer discounts and promotions only available to those who are serving or have served. If you are interested in learning more, schedule your meeting with a container tech today.

DIY Support

Supporting the Do-It-Yourselfers

We strive to promote and support the do-it-yourselfers of the construction world. Whether you are looking to add your own features and finishes after the framing process or looking to purchase multiple containers and finish them out yourself, we have solutions for you. The support does not cease upon delivery either. If you need help down the line understanding how to hook up your containers or perform maintenance, we would love to help.

If you are interested in learning more about the DIY process with shipping containers, schedule your meeting with a container tech today.