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How soon can my new Container Home be delivered?
We deliver within 60 days of your order, the family container homes are manufactured to one of three sizes, one, two, three, bedrooms family container homes. Delivery time depends on the number of container homes you order and your location. Your Cheap Container Homes contact person will give you a definite delivery date and time when you place your order and keep you informed of delivery progress.

What areas do you deliver your new Cheap Container Homes?
Cheap Container Homes delivers FREE anywhere in Australia or overseas at no cost.

Is a crane included in the price to unload my family container home off the delivery truck?
Yes. The crane is included in the price to unload your new container home off the truck at time of delivery.

What size and type of base is required for my new container home?
400mm long x 400mm wide x 300mm deep concrete pads, one at each corner of container home, check with local engineer as they will know the terrain, soil types and any other special conditions we can not comment on.

Does Cheap Container Homes have insurance cover?
Yes, Cheap Container Homes is fully insuranced to protect all our clients projects. Again, many other builders do not have any insurance cover putting your job and you at high risk of loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars if anything goes wrong. In many cases shoddy builders tell you “but look I saved you heaps with my lower quote and you accepted it so it’s your fault too”. Be careful, and ask questions!

Once your new container home is delivered to your preferred location, Cheap Container Homes insurance cover ceases. We highly encourage all new owners of our container homes to take out building and contents insurance immediately on the day of delivery to protect your new asset.

Free Bonus GiftFree DeliveryPerfect For You ‘FREE Delivery anywhere in Australia or Overseas’Cheap Container Homes delivers FREE to you a container home within 60 days from order anywhere in Australia or overseas at no cost. 

VALUE $4,697

Free Bonus GiftFree Transit InsuranceFREE ‘Transit Insurance for All Cheap Container Homes Delivered Australia and Overseas’There is no need to pay extra for your peace of mind. Don’t be charged a fortune by other sellers for your Transit Insurance….with us IT’S FREE! 

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