Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I contact Cheap Container Homes ?

Email from anywhere in Australia or overseas on for orders and delivery support.

2. How much will my new container home cost compared to other competitors?

Depending on which size family container home you choose, the sale prices are reduced as follows;
Payment is required at time of order.
Will only accept bank deposit. NO PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS.
Selling One, Two, Three, Bedroom Cheap Container Homes at special discounted rates ;
One Bed Cheap Container Home $59,000 our price $69,000 retail $10,000 you save (6 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high)
Two Bed Cheap Container Homes $69,000 our price $79,000 retail $10,000 you save (12 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high)
Three Bed Cheap Container Home $89,000 our price $97,000 retail $8,000 you save (12 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high)

Order today and Receive Free New Appliances & Furniture worth $15,000 and Free
Shipping worth $4,697.

Freight FREE value $4,697
Fixtures and fitting FREE value $15,000
Back-up power supply FREE value $1,000
Cheap Container Homes
ABN: 99 147 379 780
Phone: +61 3 5561 1970

Plus each container home comes complete with FREE APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE valued at $15,000 which no competitor can match.

3. When will I pay for my new Cheap Container Home?

Customers pay for their new Cheap Container Home on the day of order.

4. How do I pay if I purchase a new Cheap Container Home ?

Payment is required at the time of order. Will only accept bank deposits. NO PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS.
Payment Discounts
$59,000 One Bedroom Cheap Container Homes
$69,000 Two Bedroom Cheap Container Homes
$89,000 Three Bedroom Cheap Container Homes
National Australia Bank
Cheap Container Homes

083 088 BSB
11 919 6581 Account Number

5. What areas do you deliver your new Cheap Container Homes?

Cheap Container Homes delivers FREE anywhere in Australia or overseas at no cost.

6. What size are Cheap Container Homes?

Cheap Container Homes are available in 2 lengths; 20′ for one bedroom homes and 40′ for two and three bedroom homes.
One Bedroom Cheap Container Homes (6 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high)
Two Bedroom Cheap Container Homes (12 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high)
Three Bedroom Cheap Container Homes (12 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high)

7. How does Cheap Container Homes prices compare to your competition?

The same container homes from a competitor will cost you twice as much as Cheap Container Homes and you won’t receive any $15,000 FREE Bonuses or FREE delivery from our competitors.

8. What if I don’t know exactly what I need?

No problem! Our qualified & experienced team know how to assist you in deciding your best container home solution. We’ll ask you about what you need a Cheap Container Home for, number of bedrooms and where you want it delivered. The more information you can provide, the better we can assist you! All Cheap Container Homes come standard with Bedrooms, Kitchens / Meals areas, Bathrooms and Laundrys. Floor plans of one, two, three, bedroom family container homes are available on request.

9. Does Cheap Container Homes really provide me with a personalised service?

Yes, we have a range of skilled professionals that can help you with deciding on which of our one, two, three, bedroom Cheap Container Homes suits you the best, making your choice and ordering process as smooth and easy as possible.

10. How secure are Cheap Container Homes?

Cheap Container Homes are built tough from heavy gauge steel shipping containers. All our container homes are fully lockable, wind, water and vermin proof.

11. What makes Cheap Container Homes better than other brands?

At Cheap Container Homes we pride ourselves on providing quality products and customer satisfaction at the lowest possible price. We enjoy the challenge of satisfying your individual requirements, whether it’s prompt delivery or anything else you require!

12. Does Cheap Container Homes have a team of experienced, trustworthy and specialised craftsman?

Absolutely! Over 27 years Cheap Container Homes has established a strong team of skilled tradespeople, designers, engineers, project managers, financial management controls as well as a reliable network of suppliers all working closely together to complete your family container homes. From the designer who prepared the one, two, three, bedroom family container homes, through to our skilled craftspeople who build your family container home with all your bonuses, all of our talented professionals working on your dream container home are qualified and experienced to handle everything. Cheap Container Homes teams of professionals are able to ensure quality of workmanship and expert attention to your requirements as well as providing you many cost savings.

13. What about Cheap Container Homes experience and reputation?

Cheap Container Homes has been in the construction industry for over 27 years winning multiple awards. We have many satisfied clients, and you can ask for examples of our complete range of family container homes.

14. Does Cheap Container Homes provide everything required for my family container home?

Yes, Cheap Container Homes sells and delivers your container home complete, however if you require site preparation and quick connection of services, please arrange with local tradesman to carry this out which is not included in the purchase price.

15. Do you have any guarantees?

Cheap Container Homes has become renowned for peace of mind delivering our outrageous Guarantee. We offer all our clients a 12 Month Structural Guarantee. No other competitor will back their work like Cheap Container Homes does.

16. Who can I talk to during manufacture if I have any questions?

Our Customer Care Manager is appointed personally to your job and readily available to answer any questions to make sure all your needs are being met from start to finish.

17. I want to use the container home as a permanent residence, do I need a planning permit.

Contact your local Council to see if they require a planning permit.
Planning Permit:
Any structure that is to be built or moved to a domestic site generally requires a planning permit. We advise our clients to approach their council regarding their proposal in order to understand fully what permits if any the council will require. As most council’s differ in some way with their requirements we strongly recommend that our clients make their own inquiries. We will not take any responsibility regarding applications for building or planning permits.

18. I want to use the container home as a permanent residence, do I need a building permit

Permanent Structure:
Different rules apply for transportable buildings used for domestic use, such cabins do require a building permit if they are to be used as permanent accommodation or will be on the site for a longer period than 18 months.
Contact your local Council to see if they require a building permit
If yes, then see building permit checklist below of what you need to do:
a. Copy of Certificate of Title including Plan of Subdivision
b. Copy of Site Plan showing the location of any existing dwellings, proposed new works, any easements and boundaries. If the works are located on or close to the boundary, also show the outline of the neighbouring house with dimensions from the boundary.
c. Energy Rating Certificate and Report.
d. Floor Plan with Elevations plus a Section detailing material types and sizes, spacing and connection methods. Smoke Alarms must be indicated.
e. Copy of Engineering on Base and Footings plus Wall and Roof Framing engineering.
f. Soil Test (may not always be necessary).
g. Details of sewer and storm water from relevant water authority.
h. Details of Exterior Materials and Colour choices.
i. Details on Builders Warranty Insurance.
j. Copy of Planning Permit if there is one.
k. Details of any Protection of Adjoining Property required before and during building work.
l. Details of precautions to protect the Safety of the Public required before and during the building work.

19. What if I only want to use the container home temporarily on a building site

Temporary building (used for accommodation purposes) is one that:
• Is easily transportable and able to be removed from a site within 24 hours;
• Does not have permanent footings, but could have above ground concrete blocks, concrete pads, screw piles or similar;
• Will only be used for a maximum of 18 months, or until rebuilding is complete, after which it must be removed from the site. If this is not possible, you should talk to your local Council.
Temporary buildings must contain or have access to the following minimum facilities:
– Clothes washing facilities;
– Bath or shower; and
– A kitchen sink and facilities for the preparation and cooking of food;
• Has adequate natural light and sufficient ventilation;
• Has safe access by way of steps or a ramp;
• Has a smoke detector directly outside each bedroom; and
• Is structurally adequate for the 18 months.
A building permit is not required to erect or place a temporary building on an allotment while a new house is being constructed. However, it is important to check with your local Council whether it has any requirements regarding the siting of a temporary building

The above extract is taken from the Building Commission website.

20. Can I use the container home as a dependent persons accommodation also known as a granny flat

Dependant Person’s Unit Definition
A dependant person’s unit is defined as a “moveable building on the same lot as an existing dwelling and used to provide accommodation for a person dependent on a resident of the existing dwelling.” They are also known as “granny flats”.
Do I need a planning permit for a dependant person’s unit? The criteria to be met includes:
• Is the building moveable from one place to another?
• Will the building be occupied by a dependant person? A dependant person is a person that is incapacitated by medical, economic or social disadvantage and is dependent on the person in the main dwelling for their accommodation.
• There is no more than one dependent person’s unit on the lot and Council is satisfied that the building is considered a dependent person’s unit. If the above conditions are satisfied a Planning Permit may not be required however it is best to contact your local council to confirm.

21. Can I use the container home on my farm

Farm Buildings/Rural
There are various rules and regulations governing outbuildings on Farms/Rural properties which depend on the size of the lot and the zoning to which the land is held under. We advise our clients who may fall under this category to consult their local council in order to see what permits if any will be required.

22. Will my new container home blend in with my existing home?

Your new container home will blend in with your existing home. Cheap Container Homes design consultants ensure materials used give you confidence in the finished outcome.

23. Are Cheap Container Homes registered builders?

Yes, Cheap Container Homes are fully registered builders licensed to undertake any size residential or commercial construction job. Many other builders are not licensed, or only hold limited licences. It absolutely pays to check because your job may not be able to receive a permit, occupancy certificate or insurance.

24. What is the insulation R value of the 3 container homes?

The R value of the 3 container homes is Class 3 structures energy efficiency so they are warm in winter and cool in summer.

25. What is the wind rating of the 3 container homes?

The wind rating of the 3 container homes is C5, they are constructed from solid steel shipping containers. Our buildings can be relocated at any time within climate zones 1 to 5 and meet all requirements for insulation and wind loads. It is the new owners responsibility to ensure the container home is securely fixed to the ground.

26. Does my FREE $15,000 of Bonuses have any warranty?

No because they are FREE, these items have been gifted to you, however they should be covered under your new contents insurance for replacement.

27. Can I pick up from you?

Sadly not – all of our container homes are manufactured at a closed, off-site warehouse.

28. Does Cheap Container Homes have insurance cover?

Yes, Cheap Container Homes is fully insuranced to protect all our clients projects. Again, many other builders do not have any insurance cover putting your job and you at high risk of loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars if anything goes wrong. In many cases shoddy builders tell you “but look I saved you heaps with my lower quote and you accepted it so it’s your fault too”. Be careful, and ask questions!

Once your new container home is delivered to your preferred location, Cheap Container Homes insurance cover ceases. We highly encourage all new owners of our container homes to take out building and contents insurance immediately on the day of delivery to protect your new asset.

29. How soon can my new Container Home be delivered?

We deliver within 60 days of your order, the family container homes are manufactured to one of three sizes, one, two, three, bedrooms family container homes. Delivery time depends on the number of container homes you order and your location. Your Cheap Container Homes contact person will give you a definite delivery date and time when you place your order and keep you informed of delivery progress.

30. Is a crane included in the price to unload my family container home off the delivery truck?

Yes. The crane is included in the price to unload your new container home off the truck at time of delivery.

31. What size and type of base is required for my new container home?

400mm long x 400mm wide x 300mm deep concrete pads, one at each corner of container home, check with local engineer as they will know the terrain, soil types and any other special conditions we can not comment on.