One Bedroom

One Bedroom Cheap Container Home

Kitchen,  1
bedroom,  bathroom,  laundry,


Try Risk FREE for 30 Days.
If at the end of the 30 Days you decide that you would like to return
the product for any reason,
simply call us and we will arrange to collect it and refund
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Container Home

our price  
$59,000 retail   $22,000
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kitchen,  oven,  stove,  cupboards,  table,
chairs,  bathroom,  laundry,  bedroom,  bed,  air conditioner
heating/cooling,  hot water,  microwaves,  refrigerator,
washing machine,  dryer,  plumbing,  electrical,
generator,  solar power generator,  TVs bedroom and kitchen.

One Bedroom Cheap Container Home

Size 6 meters
long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high

60 days from order allow for delivery.

Payment is required
at time of order.

only accept

Selling One,  Two,  Three,
Bedroom Cheap Container Homes at special discounted rates;

One Bed Cheap
Container Home
$37,000 our price  $59,000 retail  $22,000 you save (6 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4
meters high)

Two Bed Cheap
Container Homes
$47,000 our price  $69,000 retail  $22,000 you save (12 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4
meters high)

Three Bed Cheap
Container Home
$57,000 our price  $89,000 retail  $32,000 you save (12 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.4
meters high)

Freight FREE  value$4,697

Fixtures and fitting FREE  value$15,000

Back-up power supply FREE  value$1,000


Why Buy From Us

8 Ways you can get more
for your money when buying a Cheap Container Home from us…

Range Of Products – We are your one stop shop!
Whether you’re a residential, business or government customer, Cheap Container
Homes has everything you need. Everyone’s needs are different so rest assured,
you will find a suitable Cheap Container Home from our range. We supply to
families, businesses, caravan parks, campers, retirement homes, schools,
government, mining and other organisations.

Innovative Designs
& Appliances –

We are constantly developing our Container Home product range
which are
exclusive to us. Be first to purchase a Cheap Container Home
especially designed to fit your individual needs with one, two and three
bedroom Cheap Container Homes range available.

Exceptional Customer
Service Specialising in Cheap Container Homes –
Our customers are very important to us
and we are dedicated to establishing long term relationships with all of our
clients. We have numerous repeat customers because of our outstanding customer
service. We also consider ourselves as ‘experts’ in this category. We have over
27 years experience as professional builders and will personally assist you in
your purchase of a Cheap Container Home. We do not sell numerous
‘unrelated’ products we only provide our customers with specialised knowledge
and products within the Cheap Container Homes niche.

A Buying Experience
With A Highly Successful & Established Australian Business –
Please feel free to email your
enquiries. Our listing will provide you with the assurance that your purchase
will be safe and financially beneficial. We are here to stay!

Fantastic Quality &
Low Prices –
aim to offer top quality products at unbeatable internet prices whilst ensuring
our customer service is of the highest standard. As the exclusive supplier of Cheap Container Homes products in Australia, we cut out the
middleman. We are the direct link between the customer and our factory,
enabling us to bring you the best products at a fraction of the retail price!

Easy To Follow Step By
Step Installation –

All Cheap Container Homes are delivered FREE and only requiring you to
quickly connect the services to the outside of your container home.
We have also furthered our customer service by being the FIRST to provide a
step-by-step installation guide. Fast Reliable Delivery Of Your Cheap
Container Homes – We will deliver to you within 60 days of receiving your
cleared payment. We will keep you informed of your delivery.

Email Support and Updates –
For times when you need a little extra advice or help getting

You’ll never have to worry about not receiving support when YOU need it. Please
feel free to email us anytime!

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of a Cheap Container Home

5 top reasons to buy a Cheap Container Home

1st Top Reason Saves you Money – Are you sick
and tired of high priced,
value housing? Our homes will allow you to buy low cost with
massive value every time. Also with the cost of ‘living’ and prices for homes
are continually on the rise but buying a Cheap Container Home is a wise and
environmentally a good choice!’

2nd Top Reason Hours of Enjoyment – Your new
home will continue to provide you with high quality lifestyle at a low cost
with massive value during autumn,  winter,  spring and summer! There is nothing better
than to escape to spend time surrounded by the beautiful interior decor and
using your new FREE appliances and furniture and you can choose the quiet of no
TV, no mobile phone just relax, enjoy and surround yourself with a natural
location with your Cheap Container Home…

3rd Top Reason Protect Your Home in Winter
& Summer – In the cooler months we tend to forget about outdoor activities,
decks and pergolas until spring. However with a Cheap Container Home it
can be summer all year! Our Cheap Container Homes come fully insulated which
will retain the heat for winter and be cool in summer…Perfect!

4th Top Reason Protect Your Proud New Home –
Many of our customers have setup the perfect environment for their Cheap
Container Home. We can give you the right advice to provide you with peace of
mind on your choice of your Cheap Container Homes.

5th Top Reason Can Be Profitable – Many of
our customers have found that even the one bedroom Cheap Container Homes in
their backyard can supply enough rental income to easily offset the initial
investment. This can also be done on a much larger scale with our two or three
bedroom homes. If you’re not looking to profit from your Cheap Container
Homes then you might want to consider buying one for your friends and family . What a great gift idea!!

Be the envy of all your friends and neighbours – BUY ONE TODAY!




From our
extensive experience and knowledge we have become aware of some uncertainty
and confusion in the market regarding the varying quality of container homes
, particularly on eBay. We guarantee that
our Cheap Container Homes are manufactured from the highest quality materials
to provide an outstanding product that can withstand the harsh Australian
environment. This guide has been designed by us to inform you of what
to look for when buying Cheap Container Homes.

Tip 1: Strength and durability

Our Cheap Container Homes are made from high quality
building materials. They are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions
being wind rated to C5 and can be stacked to form .
They are also designed to resist harsh environments – such as on ocean-going
vessels or sprayed with road salt 
transported on roads. Due to their high strength, container
homes are also useful for secure storage.

Tip 2: Modular

All our Cheap Container Homes are made to standard
measurements and as such they provide modular elements that can be combined
into larger structures. This simplifies design, planning and transport. As
they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobility during
transportation, structural construction is completed by simply placing them.
Due to the containers’ modular design additional construction is as easy as
stacking more containers.

Tip 3: Transport

Pre-fabricated modules can also be easily transported
by ship, truck or rail, because they already conform to standard shipping

Tip 4: Steel Base

buying Cheap Container Homes the most important component for structural
strength is the base.  All of our Cheap
Container Homes models have a solid steel base for easy lifting,  transport and
placement for  strength and stability.

entire structure of a container home becomes compromised when the base is
joined as it will be susceptible to sagging having a severe affect on the
containers structure. The base on our Cheap Container Homes
manufactured from a heavy duty steel to provide extra strength and

Would you buy Container Homes from a seller who sells numerous
unrelated items, never specialising in any one product? We have all the knowledge and expertise you could possibly

take the time to compare our photos to others. There should be no doubt when
buying our Cheap Container Homes you are getting the
absolute highest quality for the most competitive price.




& personal guarantee

Our Cheap Container Homes come with a 12 month Warranty on the
that’s right… We stand behind our product 100% and are therefore offering
YOU a 12 month Warranty!

Appliances and Furniture are not covered by warranty as these are our gift to
you our valuable client,
these may be covered by your contents insurance.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by mishandling, mis-assembly, misuse, accident or collision. We do not cover ANY damage caused by
forces of nature, inclement weather or general wear and tear after delivery.

warranty will only cover the parts deemed faulty under normal use. All
structural parts claimed under warranty will need an email with pictures
attached for inspection, replacement or repair.

Approval to return an item under warranty must be granted before the
item is returned.

This warranty is return to base warranty and return shipping is at the
buyer’s expense. The warranty does not replace parts that are considered to
be normal wear consumables.

Plus We Guarantee…

We understand that a Cheap Container Home is a huge investment that
should provide you with years of enjoyment.
We want you to get the best out of your purchase
and be confident knowing you are dealing with a professional seller.  We 100% Guarantee your experience
with us will be enjoyable in every way.

Is the seller someone who sells these items as
well as many others on the side or are you buying from a reputable seller
with industry knowledge? WE GUARANTEE!

Are you buying a product with high quality
components for ease of installation? WE

Does Cheap Container Homes fully stand behind what
we sell? WE GUARANTEE!

Are we offering you a GENUINE warranty? WE GUARANTEE!

Are you considering buying from a seller that is
personally involved in the sourcing and design of your Cheap Container Homes?

Will we provide a TAX INVOICE for your
records upon request? WE GUARANTEE!

Will you receive great
quality appliances and furniture FREE?WE GUARANTEE!

Does the seller offer FREE delivery and transit
insurance to you? WE GUARANTEE!

Will the seller ship within 60 working days of
cleared payment using a trusted EXPRESS delivery service FREE? WE GUARANTEE!

Do we follow up enquiries after you have purchased
your new container home? WE GUARANTEE!

Protecting our buyers privacy…

identity and privacy as a buyer is our number one priority. As our products
are considered to be a significant investment we use “buy now” for our customers protection against fraud and false second chance
offers. Buy Now listings ensure the only people who can view your identity as
a buyer are members of our company.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please don’t
hesitate to contact us 🙂


Guarantee & Warranty


100% Money Back Guarantee

… We don’t expect you to take the risk… we will.  In fact we are so
confident of the quality and high value of our container homes we offer you
100% Money Back Guarantee.

In other words, if you feel that our container home doesn’t live up to your
highest expectations, then just send me an email, and I will refund your money
– no questions asked.

10 Year Warranty

Our Cheap Container
Homes come with a 10 Year Warranty on the structure.  YES that’s right… We stand behind our
product 100% and are therefore offering YOU a 10 Year Warranty!

“Unique No Risk Triple Iron Clad


Our Hassle Free 10 Year Warranty
ln the unlikely event that we make a mistake.

We guarantee to either fix the
mistake or replace the container home and pay the expenses incurred in
replacing the container home.


Our Exclusive No Fault Warranty -If
at any time during the installation of your new container
home you make a mistake that damages the container home. We
guarantee to either fix the mistake or replace the container home and pay all


reasonable expenses incurred in removing and replacing the container home.


Container Home Guarantee – If at anytime during the
life of the container home warranty the container home has a defect that
you purchased from us – we will fix it free of charge.